Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fear Not This Night

 Say hello to the Elder Dragon Zhaitan. As a matter of course, this post contains spoilers for the end of the story quest to Guild Wars 2, both in the story mode of the dungeon and the final quest of the base game. You have been warned.

The Gates of Arah is the highest level dungeon in Guild Wars 2, and the entire premise is seiging Arah, where Zhaitan built his stronghold. Together with Destiny's Edge, now reunited  (see also: every other dungeon in the game), you board an airship and fly into the ruined city. Above is pictured the Humble, Destiny's Edge's own airship. On board the humble, you slay three of Zhaitan's champions; Ogravos the Moonslayer , and together Fafnarin the Heartslayer and Horrogos the Soulbreaker. You do this by firing at them from those cannons there. Those cannons then break.

Don't worry, there's a bigger airship.

You're gonna need a bigger airship.
Fighting Zhaitan happens in a couple stages. First, you must defend Zojja while she repairs the giant fuckoff cannon. Once it fires, it sheers off Zhaitan's tails. He then promptly smashes the cannon. And the front end of the airship.
He's kinda pissed off.

 After his tail is damaged, the Pact's flak guns drive him down to his nest, where you promptly unload all the cannons on him until he's dead. Because you cannot actual hurt him with your normal weapons. Zhaitan falls into the ocean, and dies,  leaving Tyria free from one of the greatest threats to it's safety.

You return afterwards to Fort Trinity to party. The cutscenes therein are some of the most gorgeous designs I've ever seen, in vibrant color rarely seen in them, creating a wonderful cinematic effect. It's protaganized you and your party in a fantastic way, and wraps up the personal quest without ending the game.
Plus, the most gorgeous music plays during the end of Arah and the final part of Fort trinity; Fear Not This Night, which gets a lot of use in the last stages of the game, but with damn good reason.

All in all, it was the best Valentine's Day ever.

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